I occasionally wonder how D&D would run using Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, either played “straight” or as Chuubo-verse kids engaging in some kind of bizarre “field trip”. Should a dungeon be pastoral or road of trials? Which is more techno, spelljamming or Sigil? Is spending treasure in the downtime between adventures an Obsessive action, or a Ritual?


One thought on “Genres of D&D

  1. I actually tried porting Chuubo’s quests to D&D, but didn’t do a great job of it. With my epiphanies regarding how to run Chuubo’s, though, I think I could manage better on a second try!

    I feel like the “default” D&Desque genre would be Epic Fantasy, with Adventure Fantasy as an option if you want more of a “Level 1 characters in over their heads” feel. Both Spelljammer and Planescape definitely have Techno’s Immersive Fantasy base–whether you add Techno would be a question of emphasis. Games that treat different planes primarily as adventure locales with strange creatures and geography would get by fine with Immersive Fantasy. Games that try to evoke what it’s like to helm a spelljammer, or to stand in the presence of the Lady of Pain or a Demon Prince, or to suffer alignment change thanks to spending too long in the Gray Wastes… that’s Techno!

    As for spending treasure, that’s a question best left for the table. Sometimes you’re just in it for the Shared Reactions. 😉


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