Any costumed super hero telling a story about protecting the city from crime is on a Bindings arc, and when they quickly change into costume, they’re taking advantage of Renegade 0.

As a corollary, I missed a prime opportunity to have the Reluctant Boy Detective be the Reluctant Masked Boy Detective. I was drawing from Hyouka as my main reference, and foolishly left Tuxedo Kamen out.


2 thoughts on “An errant Chuubo thought

  1. Child of the Ash 0: I can calm or incite emotions in a region, channel that emotion into a wish, or turn into a giant monster! What can you do?

    Renegade 0: …I can go without food if I obsess about how detached from society I am.


    1. … Admittedly, Renegade is fairly underwhelming compared to all of the things that other arcs do, but boy is that quick costume change genre-appropriate.

      And Detective Kamen would’ve had a use for it!


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